Thank you for your interest in our KipKep brand.

  • You have a physical store. As far as our sales points are concerned, the Dutch market is almost saturated. We view online shops per shop. Sales via online platforms such as Etsy, Dawanda, NOTH, etc. aren’t allowed.
  • Your shop is registered with the Chamber of Commerce and has a VAT number.
  • Your shop formula falls within the same genres as our collections and focuses on the middle or high segment.
  • Your shop has a website, a visible Facebook page or Instagram account. This is to assess your request to become a reseller.

Are you, as a shopkeeper, interested and do you meet the criteria above? Please send us an email. We evaluate a new application very carefully. We pay attention to the location in relation to our current sales points and we check whether the target group and the range are in line with ours.

We believe that looking carefully and critically at our offer, our consumer and our suppliers (retailers) is important for expanding and strengthening the brand. In the interest of our private customers and our retailers!

Together we make something beautiful!

We don’t like pricing stunts, promotions or discounts with our collection. We offer deliberately cheerful and original designs for a good price.