About KipKep

KipKep is a hip brand, with trendy products for the loving care of your baby.
Contemporary, different, convenient and beautiful!

The baby market…. what an abundance of products! Young parents can’t see the wood for the trees. KipKep is different. Hip and convenient. KipKep stands for loving luxury. Products that help young parents to make life easier, without sacrificing a trendy look. It’s in the details. Like, for example, with the Roggy pacifier cloth. The pacifier cloth has a little pocket you can put the pacifier in, so that you can keep it in your bag hygienically. Or the Napper changing basket, which has a handle with a push button, so that it is easy to carry. Every KipKep item has a unique detail that makes it different from ‘ordinary’ products.

The beginning
KipKep was the result of the wishes and experiences of the founders Saskia and Janneke. While having a conversation as two young mothers, Saskia enthusiastically told Janneke about a nursing cloth for covering up when breastfeeding. Janneke looked at the cloth with her product designer’s eye and saw opportunities for improvements. That is how the Feedi came into being and KipKep was born.

The Feedi was the beginning of a series of beautiful products such as the Bib, the Blenker and the fantastic Woller. All products are completely designed, developed and produced in-house. We look at the practice in combination with appearance, quality and loving attention for your baby. Everything is guaranteed child-labour free (needless to say) and produced as environmentally-friendly as possible. Trendy design always remains a key focus!

We work every day to expand the range, there are still plenty of ideas on the shelf. So keep an eye on KipKep!

Do you have a crazy idea that you think will suit us or is there something you find inconvenient or you think can be improved?

Send us an email!