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Bio Stay-on-Socks 12-18 months

Bio Stay-on-Socks (GOTS certified)

Clever boy (or girl) who can get these socks off! The Stay-on-Socks from KipKep stay in place thanks to the sewn elastic straps. Even during crawling, the socks won’t go anywhere. From now on, your baby will always have nice warm feet and you won’t have to look for socks lying around!
Size: 12 – 18 months

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Bio-cotton Stay-on-Socks (GOTS certified)

Size: 12-18 months

These socks stay on. Hard to believe, right? That is why we’ll explain it a bit more. The Stay-on-Socks have two smart ‘stay on zones’. These are elastic straps sewn into the fabric: above the heel and just in front of the toes (instep). They ensure that the socks don’t slide off. Thanks to these straps and the ideal fit, the socks stay nice and comfortable. Our socks of course have a soft flat toe-seam that does not irritate. Neat, comfortable baby socks, but smarter.

These Stay-on-Socks are made of organic cotton (GOTS certified) and available in 4 sizes: 0-6 months, 6-12 months, 12-18 months and 18-24 months.
0-6 and 6-12 months: € 10.95 per packaging of two pairs.
12-18 months: € 11.95 per packaging of two pairs.
12-18 months with anti-slip: € 6.95 per packaging of one pair. (EU shoe size 19-22, 12-14 cm)
18-14 months with anti-slip: € 6.95 per packaging of one pair. (EU shoe size 22-24, 14-16 cm)

Washing instructions:

You can wash the socks at 30 degrees.
After drying, stretch the socks to get them in the original shape. Don’t tumble dry.

Premature: 5-8 cm, shoe size x
Newborn: 5-8 cm, shoe size x
0-6 months: 8-10 cm, shoe size EU 10-16
6-12 months: 10-12 cm, shoe size EU 16-19
12-18 months: 12-14 cm, shoe size EU 19-22
18-24 months: 14-16 cm, shoe size EU 22-24

Composition: 76% biologisch cotton, 23% gerecycled polyester, 1% elastane

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Grey, Mauve, Denim Blue, Dusty Clay, Calming Green

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