Wij discount-box

Congratulations on the anti-scratch mittens from KipKep!

The mittens you received in the “voordeelbox” protect your baby’s face from sharp, scratching nails and keep her/his hands warm on colder days.
They are made of soft cotton velour and are nicely finished on the inside.

Super soft baby mittens

Your baby’s nails can be very sharp. Especially in the first period after birth, it is recommended not to cut them yet.
To protect your baby’s sensitive skin when it scratches, we have added these wonderfully soft, scratch-free gloves to our collection.

Even when your child suffers from eczema or chickenpox and is not allowed to scratch, the scratching protectors ensure that your child does not scratch himself.

Versatile use!

When it’s colder outside, the mittens are also very suitable to keep your child’s hands warm. Versatile to use!

The mittens are made of soft nicky velour (also on the inside!) and seamless on the inside so very comfortable for your child. The anti-scratch mittens are easy to put on and take off thanks to the elastic band.

Washing instructions

You can wash the mittens at 40 degrees.
Stretch the mittens after drying to get them in their original shape.
Can be dried in the tumble dryer on position 1 (lowest setting).

Material: super soft cotton velour (80% cotton, 20% polyester)
Material Eco Bee Special: 100% organic cotton jersey, digitally printed (GOTS certified materials)

Price for 1 pair anti-scratch mittens: € 7.95