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Gift box – Baby

Looking for a maternity gift or gift for a baby shower? This gift box filled with KipKep essentials comes in 3 variations: Grey, Green and Rust.

The cute set consists of a Woller heatpack, a pair of warm (Anti-scratch) Mittens and two pairs of Stay-on-Socks. Would you like the gift delivered directly to the proud parents? Then change the address during the ordering process and choose for gift wrapping.




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KipKep gift set – Warm & Cosy

This KipKep Warm & Cosy giftset consists of three of our baby essentials:


The Woller Heat Pad is indispensable in every family. 
Especially the first months after birth your little one can suffer from intestinal cramps due to the not yet fully matured intestinal system. The pleasant warmth (not hot, and therefore safe for use from birth!) in combination with the light pressure that the pillow gives on the belly provide relaxation and therefore reduce the complaints caused by cramps.

Also use the Woller to preheat your baby’s bed or to keep the towel warm while you bathe your baby. It’s also great for warming up the pram or the footmuff. And delicious on your own tummy, of course! Especially after a long day…

During breastfeeding, the Woller is widely used both hot and cold. Heat stimulates the flow of milk from the breast, while a cold Woller (from the freezer or refrigerator) cools the breast in case of complaints such as breast congestion.


The KipKep (anti-scratch) mittens are warm and super soft.
They can be used during the colder days to keep your baby’s hands nice and warm and during the first weeks to prevent sharp nails (which shouldn’t be cut yet) from scratching open your baby’s face. The mittens are padded on the inside, making them soft and seamless.


Never again looking for lost socks!
Familiar with that? On the road with your little one and yes, lost another sock. Slipped, kicked out and gone…
KipKep’s Stay-on-Socks have two smart ‘stay-zones’. These are elastic straps that are sewn into the fabric: on the instep and just in front of the toes. They prevent the socks from slipping. Thanks to these straps and the ideal fit, the socks stay in place. Of course our socks have a soft flat toe seam that doesn’t irritate. Neat, comfortable baby socks, but smarter.


Would you like the gift delivered directly to the proud parents? Then choose gift packaging during the ordering process and change the delivery address.

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Dusty Clay, Calming Green, Silver Grey, Rusty Spice