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a personalized gift

It all starts with a name

Visualise the unique family tree of your child or loved one and make the loving bonds that surround him or her visible.
With the AR-app you can bring the ring sets and each person’s identity to life.

Because of the uniqueness, there is only one “Me in a Nutshell” for you!

What’s “Me in a Nutshell” about?

Family trees no longer look the same as they did 100 years ago. It still shows the blood connection, but not the loving connection. And that is, we believe, what life is all about!
New young families, blended families, migration, etc. make a super varied and interesting family-tree.
Me in a Nutshell graphically brings the loving connection to life between people. Who are the people around you or your little one that you could not live without?
MiaN gives each person their own unique ring-set; like a blueprint or like a fingerprint.

How is the personalised ring set created?

Per person you can enter a number of data such as first name, last name, place of birth, nationality, etc.
We have developed a special algorithm that makes a unique pattern out of all the data.

Why rings?
A ring is infinite and is the symbol of eternity without beginning and end. As far as we are concerned, the symbol of unconditional love! The symbol of eternal connection.
Rings can also be seen on trees as annual rings. Not only can you read how old the tree is, but also where it was planted, and whether there was a year with disease or extremes in the climate. In short, a lot of information in a simple graphic pattern.
We love it!

How does MiaN work?

1: Choose your product on the category page.
2: Fill in the form with all the loving people who are important to the protagonist of your story. (This can be up to 24).
3: Put your favourite product in the shopping basket and select your MiaN story.
4: We start the production of your unique product (this will take a few days).
5: Wait for your order (I know it’s hard…) and download our MiaN-app
6: Feel epic when opening your package! Admire your product, get curious about the rings. Pick up your phone and scan the QR code on your product and bring your story to life!

Enjoy your little one and those you love!

KipKep, lovingly connected.

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