By: KipKep

Whoop Whoop!
The new #kipkepwoller Special Edition ’20 is in!

Botanical atmospheres this year with the Woller special edition – Botanical Blue 🌺.

The KipKep Woller brings peace and relaxation to your child, relieving intestinal cramps.
The warmth (easy to warm up in the microwave!) in combination with the light pressure on the tummy ensure that your little one relaxes.

You can also use the Woller for yourself.
If you are breastfeeding, you can use the Woller warm to stimulate the milk supply and cold (from the fridge/freezer) to relieve congestion. A warm Woller in your neck or during painful periods is also beneficial!

The Woller special edition – Botanical Blue is available in a limited quantity, so be quick!

Illustration (black and white) of the Woller Botanical Blue is made by Lonneke Idema – Illustractive