The Woller, how does that work!?

by: KipKep

The Woller. The remedy against colics. This soft heating pad filled with flaxseed works relaxing and relieves cramps at lightning speed.

But how? View the following animation >>


The Woller is also ideal during the breastfeeding period. Heat the Woller before breastfeeding: the heat promotes the letdown reflex. Or put the Woller in the fridge and use it as a cold compress. For example, if your child has injured itself, but you can also use the Woller for yourself as a cold compress during engorgement.

Other applications
>> Use the Woller to preheat your baby’s bed or to keep the towel warm while you bathe your child.
>> Also great to heat the pram, or the footmuff!

Ideal, that Woller!

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