KipKep (anti-scratch) baby mittens

Babies often have long and sharp nails when they are born. Combine this with uncontrolled movements and you can see why many babies have face scratches. During the first few months, it’s best not to cut the nails as they are still very tender and soft and there is a high risk of cutting too much.

To protect the sensitive baby skin when your child scratches itself, we have added these wonderfully soft, scratch-free mittens to our collection.

Even when your child suffers from eczema or chickenpox and is not allowed to scratch, the anti-scratch mittens make sure your child doesn’t scratch itself open and when it is colder outside, the mittens are also very suitable to keep your child’s hands warm. Versatile to use!

The mittens are made of soft nicky velour (also on the inside!) and seamless on the inside so very comfortable for your child. The elastic band makes them easy to put on and take off.

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