by: KipKep

June 1, 2020

Face masks are becoming more common every day. The reason for this is the covid-19 virus. Where in Asia face coverings have been a normal sight on the street for years, in more and more countries wearing them is common and even mandatory. The Netherlands will make the use of face coverings in public transport compulsory from 1 June. KipKep feels called to offer opportunities for young parents. That is why from June 1 we offer a collection of washable non-medical masks especially for children.

  • KipKep’s mouth caps are for repeated use. They can be washed hot (minimum of 60 degrees).
  • Material: 100% breathable cotton.
  • On the inside of the masks there is an opening where a disposable filter can be inserted for extra protection.
  • No dangerous long loops but fastened by means of an elastic band behind the ear.
  • Fabrics: OEKO-TEX 100.



  • Keeping distance (social distancing of at least 1.5 meters) remains the most important, even with a mask on.
  • Stay at home with any kind of corona complaints.
  • Where it is mandatory to wear mouth masks, the KipKep masks can have positive psychological effects, such as a feeling of alertness / awareness and urgency.
  • Keep an eye on the applicable measures of your government at all times.


Available in 2 sizes:

KipKep’s mouth masks are available in sizes XS and S, which can be worn from 3 years up to teenage age.

XS – for children aged 3 – 5 years

S – for children aged 6 – 13 years


Age for compulsory wearing of a mask in public transport:

The Netherlands: compulsory from the age of 13

Germany: compulsory from 6/7 years (age may vary by state)

Belgium: compulsory from 12 years.


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