3 July 2020

by: KipKep

Napper Combi changing-set of mostly recycled material!

These super cool Napper changing-sets are fresh from the press!
Indispensable on the go, soft, washable and made from mostly recycled materials! How nice is that 🙂
With the KipKep Napper changing-set you have everything you need to change your baby; wherever you are. And you still have space left for your other stuff.

The Napper diaper wallet fits 3 diapers and a thin pack of lotion wipes. The wipes can easily be pulled out through the wipes dispenser.

The Napper changing mat has a lovely soft cotton side to put your baby down or change a diaper. The other side is made of recycled (PVC-free!) coated material for the heavier work 😉

The Napper diaper wallet fits perfectly under the Napper changing mat strap to form a compact package. So you always have everything at hand to give your child a clean nappy comfortably and hygienically.

Machine washable at 30 degrees!

Available in multiple colours and designs.