KipKep Woller heatpillow, a must-have for you and your little one.

It’s February 2023 already. With 2022 behind us, fresh days we were in the midst of, spring is upon us.

We are in a time of turmoil and excitement; due to global themes and issues we face every day.
To look for some peace and quiet, we bring a new colour Woller Deluxe: “Pastel Violet”.
This lavender-coloured Woller not only has a calming effect through its action, but also through its serene colour.

Besides the lilac/lavender colour, we are launching another new colour: “Pale Banana“.
No other colour represents more hope and security than the colour yellow. “Pale Banana” is a muted yellow colour and can be used as an accent colour in the baby room.
So soon when the sun starts shining again and the heating can happily be turned off again; the other new Deluxe colour “Pale Banana” is a real must-have.

Using the Woller on your baby’s tummy will reduce intestinal cramps. The warmth has a relaxing effect. Its special shape distributes the weight evenly over the tummy and allows the cushion to provide warmth where it is needed. It is also ideal for bigger babies with tummy aches. The Woller is filled with flax seed and easy to heat up (without the supplied cover) in the microwave (remove grid!).

The 2 new colours fit perfectly on a neutral background.
In addition to the Woller, our Stay-on-Socks are also available in Pastel Violet and Pale Banana.
The Woller Deluxe is available in 3 colours: Pale Green, Pastel Violet and Pale Banana. The covers are made of super soft and fluffy rib-fleece.

Did you know that the Woller is used an average of 10.8 per week.
Quite often right??

The Woller is CE Certified (Medical Class I) and is also widely used in healthcare.
The main reason is the ease and speed with which the Woller is warm and ready for use when your little one asks for it.
The Woller is mainly used for reducing intestinal cramps.

Other uses include:
>> Use the Woller to pre-warm your baby’s bed or to keep the towel warm while bathing your baby.
>> Also great for warming the pram, or the footmuff!
>> Lovely on your own tummy! Especially after a long day… Very nice for ligament pain
>> During pregnancy also nice for lower back pain.

Got the Woller from someone else or fancy a different colour? Or would you like an extra cover? The covers of the Woller are also available separately! KipKep Woller Cover

Also handy to have an extra one for when the cover is in the wash!