KipKep Woller heatpillow

Coinciding with the first rays of sun ☀️ of this year in March 2024, KipKep is coming out with 3 new colours of Wollers.
Colours that are minimalist, functional, warm and soothing.

While the Woller is used for multiple purposes, its use by the parent themselves is starting to catch our eye more and more. Not only during pregnancy (such as for ligament pain, lower back pain and relaxation), but also well after childbirth for relaxation and/or for during the monthly period. What a little heat can’t do when combined with proper shape and weight


Woller Teddy Sand

A lovely moment to update the Woller collection with new, fresh colours complemented by an old friend, but this time permanent in the range. Indeed the Woller Teddy Sand 🐑 is back in town.
You may notice that KipKep is switching more and more to solid colours.

Brown is the new black!

The first colour we are going to present to you is the colour Coffee.
The light brown Woller is a nice warm neutral colour and brings some extra warmth. The Coffee shade is THE new trend colour and has taken over from the dominant colour black. The colour Coffee has warm & earthy touches and combines perfectly with somewhat softer and also bright shades such as pastel shades like lilac, pink and bright orange go perfectly with shades of brown! But also denim blue and beige. The brown shade also goes well with any skin and hair colour.
We call it an “easy colour”. So: let’s mix and match!

Beige is the new white!

With the 2nd new colour Cookie, we are replacing the Woller Sandy Wig.
The light beige colour literally and figuratively radiates warmth. This is a colour commonly found in natural environments such as sandy beaches and earth tones. The colour Cookie is a soft and subtle sand colour. The neutral colour combines very well, both with other earthy shades and with bright colours. In short, this colour always fits and brings balance to a colour palette.

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Available from March 2024