Yes! The new collection BIO Stay-on-Socks is here! 🌿

For years the KipKep Stay-on-Socks have been a favourite with parents/carers of babies and small children.

The KipKep Stay-on-Socks have two smart ‘stay on’ zones. These are elastic straps sewn into the fabric: on the instep and right in front of the toes. They prevent the socks from slipping. Thanks to these straps and the ideal fit, the socks stay in place. Of course our socks have a soft flat toe seam that doesn’t irritate. Comfortable baby socks, but smarter.

These Stay-on-Socks are made of organic cotton and available in 3 sizes (0-6, 6-12 and 12-18 months), packed per 2 pairs.

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