by: KipKep

Yes, it’s spring again!

Cozy birdsong in the morning, more sun-hours and hopefully very soon the first go-out-without-a-jacket-day 🙂

Daylight saving time is also approaching again. The clock is advanced one hour. What was first at 7:00 PM has now become 8:00 PM. So it looks like it is longer light.

This can sometimes cause sleeping problems with your little one and (because of that ;-)) often with yourself.

Below are some tips to make this transition as smooth as possible:

Een good preparation

How? Make sure that the transition is as small as possible and prepare your baby in advance. Bring your child to bed fifteen minutes earlier a few days before daylight saving time and put the alarm a quarter of an hour earlier. In this way the biological clock of your child will soon be almost equal to the summer time when it starts.

Evening ritual

A clear evening ritual can help when your child has trouble sleeping when it is still light outside. Pajamas on, cleaning teeth, reading a book. By always keeping the same order, the moment to go to sleep for your child becomes clearer.


Make sure that the room of your child can be darkened well in the evening. When it’s time to get up, just throw the curtains open and provide plenty of light.


Always important of course but now extra. Keep the time before going to bed quietly. A nice warm bath, reading a book, singing a lullaby. This ensures a nice transition so that your child can fall asleep more easily. ZZzzz …


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