Dear all,

These are crazy times, very crazy times. Not just in our country the Netherlands, but all over the world…
Hopefully the measures taken by every government will be effective, so that we can all focus again, healthy and well, on what we like to do every day.

We, at KipKep, try to send all orders and answer questions as well as possible. Please keep the following in mind:
>> The post-delivery is very busy, busier than the holidays or on black-friday. They have a capacity problem but work super hard to deliver everything as much as possible. Keep in mind that shipments can be delayed. This can be a few days or sometimes even longer. We ask for your understanding.
>> KipKep has its stock close to home and can deliver within 2 to 3 working days.
>> Because of the closure of the schools and nurseries we also work from home with the kids around us. This can sometimes cause a somewhat delayed reaction.


Through this way we want to wish everyone good luck and especially health!
Lots of love from the KipKep team!

KipKep; Lovingly connected!