Blenker Badcape – new quality.
Hooded towel, size 100x70cm.

Our Blenker towels are made of hydrophilic muslin cotton. This material absorbs moisture very well, but also dries quickly,  soft for the (sensitive) skin and multifunctional in use.

We have two qualities. Top and Super-top :-).
1: Traditional hydrophilic muslin cloth with “waffle weave”. This absorbent fabric has a thickness of 150 grams/m2.  Available in the colours “Memphis White” and “Little Bees”.
2: The same yarns as quality 1, but woven on a Jacquard loom. We also call these cloths “peshtemals”, known from sauna’s and hamam’s. They have a thickness of 170 gram/m2. A bit thicker and therefore absorb even more moisture, but are still thin enough to dry the fine skin folds!

The 150gsm, hydrophilic cloths are new!
Available is the size Bath-cape/hooded towel and available in 2 colors.

Blenker Hooded Towel muslin – Little BeesGently dry your child with the Blenker hooded towels.
Lovely to dry and wrap your child in. This Blenker towel also has a hooded, hat, to dry and keep your child’s head warm. You can also pull the bottom two points through the loop at the back so the legs won’t be kicked open immediately.

Because the towel is rectangular and has a generous size of 100 x 70 cm, you can even dry a child of 2 years old easily.

Tip: because of the material, the Blenkers are ideal for sensitive skin.
The Blenkers are large and soft, yet compact. This means your washing machine won’t fill up as quickly, which happens with terry towels.



Blenker Hooded Towel muslin – Little Bees


Washing instructions:
You can wash the Blenker at 60 degrees and put it in the dryer. Wash with same colours.
Size: 100 x 70 cm
Price per piece: € 13,95 p/st. in 150 GSM, or € 19,95 p/st. in 170 GSM

The KipKep Blenkers comply with the Oeko-Tex standard and do not contain any harmful substances.