Awards & Nominations

Winner Baby Innovation Award 2022

9 May 2022

KipKep wins the Baby Innovation Award with the project “Me in a Nutshell”

Judging panel:
“What a unique way to display a family tree for living and non-living blood relatives and other people who are important in a child’s life, judges the expert jury. Through the AR-app, children will later learn more about their relatives and friends. It is remarkable that algorithms determine the different ‘tree rings’ and translate them into a unique graphic work that is depicted on the poster and the blanket.”

Category: Furniture & Decoration

Baby Innovation Award 2021

April 2021

KipKep has been nominated for the Baby Innovation Award with the product “Bib Kisses4You
A large comfy bib-cloth, bib and bandana in one!!

Judgement of the jury:
“A clever product with many functions: a spit cloth, a bib and with press studs a bandana in one. The shape has been well thought out: the spit cloth stays on the shoulder and doesn’t slip. Good choice of material: double-layered hydrophilic cotton, soft and comfortable.

Category: Care

Baby Innovation Award 2018


KipKep has been nominated for the Baby Innovation Award with the product “Play mat to-go

“Unique to this hiply designed nursery bag is the play mat on the outside. Ideal for letting your child play, changing nappies or just laying down. Or as a blanket in the car.
One side is made of lovely soft cotton, the other side has a waterproof PVC-free coating but still feels soft. The coating makes the play mat perfect for use outside, for example on damp grass during a picnic.
When the child has finished playing, the play mat can be easily attached to the bag with snap fasteners and parents are ready to go again.

Category: Travel & Safety

Winner Baby Innovation Award 2015


KipKep has won the Baby Innovation Award with the product “KipKep Nursey Wallet
A sustainable pouch to store and carry both new and used (washable) breast pads!

Judgement of the jury:
“The Napper Nursery Wallet is the ideal tool for breastfeeding mothers. Breast pads can be stored dry and hygienically in this handy case. Clean pads fit on one side, used ones on the other.
Handy on the road and sustainable because it saves plastic bags in your bag’, according to the jury.

Category: Feeding

Silver - Baby Product van het jaar 2011


KipKep wins silver with the “Baby Product of the Year” with its Blenker hydrophilic towels.
Soft hydrophilic towels suitable for sensitive and delicate skin.
Thick enough to absorb a lot of moisture, thin enough to dry the small skin folds well.

“What a lovely drying towel this is. I can wrap my daughter completely in it and do not need more hydrophilic cloths after her bath. It dries well and is nice and soft for her skin. The cloth also dries quickly.”